• What to do if I meet an enemy with the Sniper Rifle? You know that the Sniper Rifle is a dangerous gun. When the enemy with the Rifle (or why not several enemy) starts to shoot, run from left to right and / or circle, but do not ever stand in place and even run straight!
  • Flashbang grenades - how to use them well Flashbang grenades have to be the most lousy and the least used gun. Perhaps that is because flashbang doesn't kill, it just glares (or doesn't do always even that much). Well, in any case, let's try to take all out of this stupid weapon. When you meet a bunch of enemies, instead of starting shooting, take out a flashbang and wait a few second and then toss it in front of the the enemies. If you're lucky, they become infatuated by the grenade and it's easy for you to run away. By the way, don't blind yourself!
  • Aim for the enemy's head As mentioned earlier, character's head is the weakest area. Always try to shoot him in the head. That is the most powerful way to make the foe lose his life or armor. The sniper rifle can make killing a lot easier. Move in teams

Hints for the hunt

  • The best way to get a rid of The Death is to use a good combination of the shotgun and grenades, depending on how many players there is in the match. The Death can usually be killed with 2 grenades, or with a few shot from the shotgun first and one grenade. Remember that by using grenades you may kill yourself, which would be very harmful. Remember that having a helmet and vest is important also in the hunt. As you know, there are also other players in the game, so a helmet and vest are an important protection.


  • The whole name of the clan: Battle Kings The language of the site: Germany Forum: Yes The language of the forum: Germany Address: http://people.freenet.de/k.kroschewski/Clan/BK-Clan/intro/main.htm


  • The whole name of the clan: Burst of Machine Gun The language of the site: French Forum: Yes The language of the forum: French Address: http://bmgteam.roxorgamers.com/


  • The whole name of the clan: - The language of the site: French Forum: No The language of the forum: - Address: http://perso.wanadoo.fr/bedo.s.family/arnaud/


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  • How to use grenades and AR grenades well When you are going to toss a grenade, wait until the clock shows 1.50 and throw it then. In this case the foe won't have enought time to run away. Remember to be careful, 1.50 is veeeery short time, and you may kill yourself, too

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  • Another powerful gun is AR grenade. This small grenade is shot from Assault Rifle. You need to find and collect AR grenades separately. When you are going to shoot AR grenades, make sure that there is a long distance between you and the enemy. Aim for the enemy and shoot a grenade. If you hit the enemy, he will lost more life and / or stuff than he would lost if you shot near him. If you see two or more enemies fighting against each other, shoot a grenade or two between them. If you run out of the grenades, go and polish the enemies with the Assault Rifle (it should be very easy because they have lost a lot of their energy and / or stuff owing to the AR grenades you shot).

Hints for deathmatch and team

  • Always have a helmet! When you die and respawn again, go and find a helmet first! Having a helmet is very important because head is the weakest part of your character. Collect the nearest helmet even before start looking for some firearms (collect every firearm that is on your way to the helmet). Of course vest and energy are other important elements.

hints for deadthmatch and team

  • Move in teams When playing team deathmatch, remember that the best hazard is an effective team-work: Every member should have 100 % of energy, vest and helmet. If a player lacks them or defensive stuff, the rest of the team should protect him until he has collected enough that stuff. If one player of the team dies, try to regroup as soon as possible. Use [(teamsay)] to agree on which place you regroup in. When the team faces an enemy team or player(s), every member should focus on one enemy player at a time. In any case, that doesn't mean that the team-work could be forgotten.


  • The whole name of the clan: Do Not Disturb The language of the site: English Forum: No The language of the forum: - Address: http://dnd.741.com/

the exorcist

  • The whole name of the clan: The Exorcists The language of the site: Dutch Forum: No The language of the forum: - Address: http://www.the-exorcists.com/


  • The whole name of the clan: - The language of the site: Spain Forum: No The language of the forum: - Address: http://groups.msn.com/Worldhome--ByNeochater/_whatsnew.msnw


  • The whole name of the clan: F.X. Demon Clan The language of the site: Czech and English Forum: No The language of the forum: - Address: http://www.fxdemonc.ic.cz/


  • The whole name of the clan: GLX The language of the site: French Forum: No The language of the forum: - Address: http://cf.geocities.com/scott_weiland09/


  • The whole name of the clan: High Nuclear Clan The language of the site: Germany Forum: Yes The language of the forum: Germany Address: http://www.hnclan.de.ms/



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  • Use covers and save yourself! For example when you run out of ammo and see that you should reload your gun, don't stop moving and wait until the character has reloaded. When the gun says "click click", get behind the nearest cover (a pole, box etc.) and let your character reload the gun. When he / she is done, continue shooting. If you see energy, vest, anything near you, collect them before your enemy / enemies does. Althoug you would have 100% of each item, collect them, or could you let your enemy collect them and make it a lot harder for you to kill him?

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  • kom bij ons vergeet niet de regels te lezen want die heb je nodig en vergeet niet mp voor je naam te zetten voor contact voeg nikita1993_1@hotmail.com toe aan je msn


  • 1. heb animal skins maar gebruik alleen de hond (dog*) 2.luister naar de leiders (mp-white_wolf) genoemd white 3.twee waarschuwingen en je bent eruit gegooit 4.misbruik je positie nooit! 5.alleen clan wars als de leaders het zeggen


  • 1. waarom ben ik eruit gegooit-er wordt altijd gezegt waarom 2.wordt ik eruit gegooit als ik slecht speel-natuurlijk niet er zijn zoveel mensen die het niet zo goed kunnen 3.wat doe ik als ik leider wil worden-we hebben aan een leider genoeg 4.wat moet ik doen om te joinen-lees rules


  • .: Clanwars We have added the outcomes of every clan war to this section. This is how to read those tables below: 1. There are A) the date and B) the clans which have played in the match in the title. 2. Points of mp are always mentioned first. For example: 5 - 3 means that twp has got 5 points and the foe 3 points. It also tells that we have played until one of the teams has reached 5 points. The points of each game are mentioned in the parentheses, the points of mp first, of course. 3. Notifications are important info about the match, for example if a player had a lot of lag, that is mentioned.